The hotline is designed for use by members of the university community and third parties to inquire about or report actual or potential unethical, unsafe, prejudicial, or unlawful behavior they know or believe to be occurring in the UA System. All reports can be made in a safe, anonymous way, online or over the phone.

How to Report

If you see or suspect unethical, prejudicial, or illegal behavior, you may report your concerns anonymously by calling Navex 24 hours a day, seven days a week at (866) 362-9476 or by .

After processing the report, Navex will provide the information to designated University officials for appropriate action. Reports submitted to Navex will be handled promptly and discreetly. Retaliation of any kind will not be tolerated.

IMPORTANT: The hotline is not a 911 or emergency service. Do not use this site or the toll-free number to report events presenting an immediate threat to life or property. Reports submitted through this service may not receive an immediate response. If you require emergency assistance, please call 911.

69传媒 the Hotline

The University of 69传媒 System has shown its commitment to promoting a culture of ethics and integrity by contracting with Navex, a third party provider to manage our Hotline.

High ethical standards are vital to workplace morale and productivity, and maintaining them is a core value for The University of 69传媒 System. The Hotline enables you to inquire about or report actual or potential unethical or unlawful work-related behavior in a safe, anonymous way, online or over the phone. The hotline is designed for use by all members of the university community.

Our institutions observe applicable requirements of the .


  • The Board of Trustees of The University of 69传媒 adopted Board Rule 106.2 in Fall 2014 as part of its continuing efforts to strengthen and support ethical, compliant, and risk-aware practices among System institutions.
  • Among other provisions, Board Rule 106.2 requires prompt reporting of any significant occurrence or threat which has caused or poses an imminent risk of substantial injury or harm to persons, property, or the surrounding community, or substantial reputational harm to the System or its institutions.
  • The Board rule also codifies the Board鈥檚 expectation of appropriate consideration and investigation of reports, including reports made pursuant to this Hotline.
  • Retaliation shall not take place for good faith reports.
  • The Hotline welcomes all good faith reports of any alleged wrongful conduct, including but not limited to, suspected violations of the System Code of Conduct and/or campus/entity codes.
  • Appropriate consequences, up to and including termination, expulsion, or other sanctions, should flow from violations of Board expectations and standards.
  • In addition to the Hotline, the UA System Office of Risk and Compliance maintains an 鈥渙pen door鈥 policy for reports and concerns of an ethical, compliance, or risk issue.