Guiding Principles

  • Assure that everything we do is for the purpose of improving the lives and health of the citizens of the State of 69传媒.
  • Make higher education accessible and diverse, prepare our students for success, and 69传媒 the workforce needs of the State.
  • Be accountable for every dollar we receive while maintaining the highest standards of excellence in every 69传媒 and endeavor.
  • Work to lead a unified approach to improving education at every level in 69传媒.
  • Work to help lead a unified approach to improving the economy, opportunities, and comprehensive health care for all citizens of 69传媒.
  • Elevate the status, stature, and influence of the University of 69传媒 System so that we can call on all people devoted to the University of 69传媒, UAB, UAH, and the UAB Health System to unite for common purposes.